Inside the same on top of Africa!

Full moon summit mount kilimanjaro 2024

Inside The Same on top of Africa! is a unique sponsored trek that raises money to give future to people with albinism in East Africa. With the full moon of December 2024, as many people as possible will try to reach the summit of Tanzania's 5,895-metre Mount Kilimanjaro. A trek to raise money, but also a trek for inclusivity and social change.


With the trek, the foundation wants to draw attention to everyone in society who deviates and feels unseen; with a documentary and online content, we will draw attention to these stories. The money raised will benefit the work of the Dutch foundation Inside the Same, which is active in Tanzania to make a difference for people with albinism.


  • 8-day climb to Kilimanjaro (5895 metres), Lemosho route 
  • Date: 7 to 17 December 2024
  • Funding €2.000 - €3.000 per participant for Inside The Same 
  • 25 – 50 participants
  • Costs Full Moon Summit Kilimanjaro (€2320,-) + flights, are for own account
  • Possibility to extend with safari or Zanzibar (on your own)

Why so necessary?

Albinism is an inherited disorder that affects as many as 1 in 1,400 people in parts of Tanzania - 10 times the global average. Without proper protective equipment, people are extremely susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. In addition, they face deep-seated discrimination and not the same opportunities in education and healthcare as others. This unequal treatment is fuelled by superstition and misinformation which in many cases even leads to murder. Inside the Same is a Dutch foundation that has been working for years in various ways to promote the interests of people with albinism in Tanzania, together with those affected themselves.


  • A documentary of the climb will be made by Sander Ligthart, award winning director and board member of Inside The Same along with cameraman Raymond Hartman. They will give space to the personal stories of the people who will be climbing with them. These stories will be linked to the work of Inside the Same. 
  • The videos will be offered as a series to NPO in 3 to 7 episodes of 12 minutes each. 
  • On Radio 2 (200,000 listeners) there will be an interview with the director of Inside The Same, a call for climbers and donors, here the main sponsor can be subtly mentioned. 
  • Ambassador Karim Armghar, author & TV and radio presenter (16K followers on Instagram, 18K LinkedIn) specialises in opportunity inequality, education, diversity and inclusion. He knows how to firmly motivate people to get moving with the right energy. Through his and our socials like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, content from preparation, climb and achievements is captured and posted. 
  • Logo on clothing, we are in talks with several companies in the mountain climbing/hiking industry for clothing/shoes sponsorship. 
  • The organisation will take photos/videos that may be used by participants individually or by company. (My best sales team on the way to the top ...) 
  • Opportunities for individuals or company groups to place company flags at the summit and shoot content for their own use or company marketing. 

The aim is to raise €150.000,- in the first year and generate maximum awareness for inside the same.

Press kick-off

After climbing Kilimanjaro, a press conference will be organised in Moshi at the foot of the mountain. Invited guests, besides members of the media like The Guardian TZ, include representatives of the Tanzanian government and MP Keisha Hadija Saban. Ms Hadija Saban has albinism herself and is in charge of the Department of Disability. The final amount achieved will then be announced by her to the press. 

Sponsorship opportunities

  1. Sponsor €25.000 exclusive partner with the aim of working with Inside The Same to build this event into an annual event of stature (like Alpe d'Huez). 
  2. Sub sponsor €15.000 can be a one-off sum of money but we go for multiple years of commitment.
  3. Corporate or private donations €0 - €10.000 you should think here of funding raised by companies, through social media and publicity. Take your Best Sales Team on top of the Kilimanjaro!  

Our dream is a world where everyone is allowed to be heard and seen, a world where equity and unity are central.

Which is why we are walking this breathtaking (and sometimes arduous) trek to the top of Africa.

Make this dream a reality by experiencing this impressive sponsored trek through mount kilimanjaro national park yourself, or support us by making a financial contribution: we're all inside the same!

Participate or support participants?