We create a safe place in society for people with albinism. Through our training they learn a trade and become

financially independent. It is not only economic but also social empowerment: this way they are visible in society and participate fully. We see our Empower projects not as "charity projects" but as a sustainable solution.


THE STORY OF Faustine..

Faustine, Buhangija shelter 2015

Faustine, after transfer 2016

Faustine, Matumaini School, 2019


Faustine reminds us why we are committed to helping children with albinism every day.

Like Faustine, every child deserves a safe place to live.

In 2015, we found him severely neglected and traumatized at Buhangija shelter camp.

Fortunately, a few months later we were able to transfer him to a small-scale safe shelter with

the Salvation Army, the Matumaini School in Dar Es Salaam.

In addition to him going to school, we take care of all medical facilities.

Think of regular skin checks and visual aids.

Our dream is that after his studies he will become an ambassador for inclusiveness for people with albinism.

He is living proof that this can be possible.

That makes us proud.

With that, dreams come true!



awareness & social inclusion

together with you we give a safe future!